Why People Find Coffee So Good?

Coffee is the type of beverage that most people love. Many people love drinking this beverage because of the effect that this one has on their bodies. In fact, studies have shown that people who usually drink coffee have better productivity and concentration than those who don’t. They also show a minimal risk for certain cancers like colon, breast and rectal cancers. There are so many great effects of caffeine (the main component of coffee) in our bodies. This article will examine few of these great coffee effects.

Coffee and Alertness

Those who drink coffee often are more alert than those who don’t drink coffee. The reason why they are active and enthusiastic is because caffeine in coffee causes the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone that is released by the adrenal glands through stimulation of an external source and in this case, caffeine. When adrenaline is released, all the body organs seem to be on the hype. Blood pressure rises, heart beats faster, pupils constrict, respirations increase – in short, the person becomes alert and seem to be constantly on the go. With this effect of coffee, tiredness from work or morning sleepiness even just when you are out of the bed is decreased. That means that more work can be done because of coffee.

Coffee and Sleepiness

coffee makes you happy!

Have you ever wondered how caffeine prevents you from sleeping? People always drink coffee when they need to study for a long test for the next day or if they need to do an overtime job. Caffeine in coffee binds with the component that causes sleepiness which is adenosine. The by-product of brain activity is adenosine. When the concentration of this substance goes beyond the threshold, the person experience drowsiness and eventually will fall asleep. With caffeine, the build up of this component is blocked, thus the person experiences insomnia or absence of sleepiness. Now, you already know why every single time you drink coffee, you don’t feel sleepy.

Coffee and Happiness

Lastly, caffeine in coffee stimulates the release of the chemical in our brain which is called dopamine. If you have a background in medical sciences, then you perhaps know that this is what makes people happy. When this neurotransmitter is released, the person experiences pleasure which causes him to feel happy. This is the reason why most of the avid coffee drinkers seem to be less stressed and more pleasurable. Once you see a person smiling while drinking coffee, then you can already tell that the ultimate culprit for that is dopamine.

These are just few of the many great benefits that coffee can give you. These are also the very reasons why people who are well-known as “coffee-holics” find it very hard to let go of this great beverage.

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