Why Is Espresso Perfect?

What comes into your head when you hear the word espresso? Is it the dark cup of coffee with an aroma that is strong enough that can hit your right to your brain from your nostrils yet weak enough to calm your nerves and bring you relaxation? Is it the silver in colour small automatic espresso machines capable of giving you the heavenly shot of coffee? Is it the great big sack of brown coffee beans shining and shimmering with the delicate yet very fragrant oils? Or is it the comfortable and elite coffee shops that can give you the best espresso shot that you describe as a God shot because it is so perfect that you would not believe any human is capable of creating it?

why is espresso perfect?

No Flaws from Beginning to End

If coffee aficionados are to describe it, espresso coffee is for them the most heavenly cup of coffee that no other flavours of coffee can ever win over. Espresso is a product of perfection. It starts off with the perfect Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection to create an almost black coffee bean while just trying to perfectly blend the innate intricate oils of it perfectly enough to cover the beans making them glisten when a shining light strikes at them. These delicately oil covered coffee beans are gently grounded to create the most perfect coffee grounds enough to measure about a single cup to fit perfectly into the filter of the espresso machine with an airtight gasket. What happens inside the espresso machine is that water is heated up to the most ideal temperature. With the perfect pressure (enough to take the perfection of the coffee grounds away from it) allowed to pass through the coffee grounds, a perfect cup of espresso coffee is created free from bitterness and filled with its strong and sweet taste.

Espresso Is Hard to Produce

This is what makes the espresso coffee so perfect. The very short time of contact between the perfect water and the perfect coffee grounds is the one responsible for the perfect espresso altered with bitterness that most long brewing processes result into. The more the hot water is kept in contact with the coffee grounds, the bitterer the coffee will turn out to be which is the reason why it is very hard to make a perfect espresso shot. They say that only the skilled and veteran baristas have the power to create this miracle cup of espresso. It does not only depend on the machine that you will use but also demands a great dependence on the skill and knowledge of the person making it when it comes to the right ingredients, timing, quality and quantity.

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