Why Is Coffee Very Popular?

Almost all people right now take in caffeine in all of its many forms. The most popular, however, of all the forms of caffeine as of this time is coffee. Every person right now drinks coffee. What is not uncommon to all people is that many of us right at this very moment can never live a day without coffee. Coffee is not taken as only one cup a day but even up to 3 to 4 cups per day by some people.

Coffee Keeps Us Awake

Whether we admit it or not, coffee is indeed addictive. The more we drink this beverage, the more our body gets used to it. Coffee has a stimulating effect on our human bodies. It keeps us alert and drives us to action. Many of us need coffee to get our bodies working in an alert mode. Without coffee, it is impossible for us to be able to work that way. Yet, this can be dangerous for us. Too much coffee is bad for our health. It causes headache, dry mouth, frequent urination and palpitations. However, coffee is not really all bad. Coffee can be good if taken in moderation. We need to control our intake of coffee so as not to harm our bodies while still getting the benefits of coffee at the same time.

Coffee Tastes Great

coffee is YUM!

Apart from coffee being a stimulant, it also has a great taste. Contrary to what most people believe that coffee is bitter, coffee has a unique taste that captures the taste buds of its lovers. Most of the coffee lovers don’t drink coffee only because it keeps them awake and alert. Many of them drink coffee because of the perfect taste that it has. If coffee was taken in just for its stimulating effect then why are there coffee flavoured candies, ice cream, cakes and so on? And why do people still choose to buy these? There is no better answer to that but the fact that indeed coffee has a pleasant taste.

Coffee Is Good For Your Body

In addition to all that have been said, coffee also has health benefits. In fact, coffee has antioxidant properties which excretes the toxins from our bodies. Another great thing about coffee is that is it good for the heart especially if taken in moderation. Studies have shown that coffee can decrease blood pressure in middle aged adults. Lastly, coffee stimulates the release of the happy hormones, endorphins. This is the reason why coffee is good to drink when we are stressed out.

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