What Does Your Coffee Tell About You?


What type of coffee do you drink all the time? Do you choose the rich and dark espresso? Or do you settle for the creamy white frothy coffee? A recent book, The You Code, explains that the type of coffee you choose all the time speaks more about your personality. The cup of coffee you are drinking right now is more than just a strong taste and a rich aroma; it tells about the inner you that maybe you have not known about yet. In this article, we will discover what your cup of coffee tells about you.

The Espresso Drinker

Do you find yourself ordering espresso coffee every single time you go to a coffee shop? If you do, then there is no doubt that you are an espresso drinker. The espresso, according to the book, is the unfiltered cigarette of the coffee universe. People who drink this type of coffee have strong personalities just like the strong taste that the coffee has. They tend to change moods in an instant and drive themselves to work hard all the time. Yet on the softer side, when it comes to love, these are the people you can be sure about when it comes to loyalty. So, the next time you find a guy drinking espresso at a coffee shop, try to flirt with him!

The Black Coffee Drinker

People who drink black coffee all the time are known to be minimalistic in nature. They can be a bit moody sometimes just like the espresso drinkers. They live their lives with simplicity. They can be difficult to deal with but can be a great friend or a partner.

The Latte Drinker

instant coffee!

Latte is a mixture of a dark and strong coffee balanced with the mild cream. The person who drinks latte often is just like the coffee itself. They might come a bit strong at one moment but deeper within that personality lies a baby waiting to be taken care of. They long for attention and the extreme desire to be liked.

The Instant Coffee Drinker

The instant coffee drinkers are playful and cheerful. They are straightforward in nature. They take things lightly. They believe that if there is no problem then don’t solve anything. Lastly, they like to keep their socks on during sex like Dylan of “Friends With Benefits”. Have you seen him drink instant coffee in that movie?

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