What Are the Different Types of Coffee Beans?

Coffee is among the most popular beverages as of this time. The number of coffee enthusiasts keeps increasing steadily. Whether it is iced coffee or may it be a cup of hot coffee, the so-called “coffee-holics” just drink whatever type as long as there is caffeine in it. What is so great as of this time is that there are so many great flavours of coffee being offered at coffee stores. What people don’t know is that despite that very many flavours existing around, all of these cups of coffee just boil down to two kinds of coffee beans which are the Arabica coffee beans and the Robusta coffee beans.

Most Popular Coffee Bean

arabica coffee beans

The Arabica coffee beans are the most well-known type between the two types of bean. Most of the cups of coffee we drink at coffee shops originated from this type of bean. Coffee enthusiasts also create good cups of coffee because of the Arabica coffee beans. What is true is that in America, about 3 cups in every 4 cups of coffee are made from these Arabica coffee beans. Why this is so popular is not a mystery to all. The Arabica coffee beans are the types of beans that can be grown anywhere in the world. It used to be grown in the Americas, both southern and central parts. However, they also are not rare in Africa.

Most Affordable Coffee Bean

robusta coffee beans

Although Arabica coffee beans produce better tasting cups of coffee, many people still opt for the cheaper alternatives which are the Robusta coffee beans. Like the Arabica coffee beans, the Robusta coffee beans can be grown anywhere in the world and it is much easier to grow than its high-end alternative. This is the type of bean that is mostly used on instant coffees, coffee blends and freeze dried coffee. These cheaper coffee beans are mostly the ingredient in the cups of coffee in average restaurants.

I bet you are now confused as to why there are several flavours of coffee as of this time when their roots are only from two types of coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans don’t make the same taste of coffee when brewed. The same goes for the Arabica coffee beans. It is in the grinding, brewing, adding of cream, chocolate or sweetener that the new flavour of coffee is created. Yes coffee beans play a lot of role in the final outcome of your coffee yet other conditions also have equal parts to play in the making of your cups of coffee.

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