Trade Your Instant Coffee for Brewed Coffee

The world today keeps our minds and bodies so busy that most of us need to take a shot of caffeine every now and then. Many take coffee early in the morning to keep them fully awake while others drink them in the middle of the day to give them a full boost that they need. Coffee is thus a perfect beverage compared with other types of drinks because it has a unique taste and a superb aroma that no other drink can compensate.

the taste of brewed coffee!

Most of the people right now drink coffee especially because coffee is very easily available at hand. There is already instant coffee everywhere which makes it very easy for us to drink the beverage whenever we want it. I am sure that you are drinking instant coffee for so long already. You choose to drink it over roasted and brewed coffee beans because it is easier to prepare and it is cheaper. But did you know that there are so many great things about roasted and brewed coffee beans that instant coffee can’t outnumber? Let me mention a few of them for you.

Caffeine Level Matters

Talking about the caffeine content, roasted coffee beans have lesser caffeine content than the instant coffee. Thus, it is more healthy and safe. Instant coffee comes from a variety of coffee beans called Robusta. This type of bean is very popular and is being grown in a good number of farms making it very cheap. As a result, instant coffee comes out to be affordable. However, this type of coffee bean contains a high level of caffeine. On the contrary, traditional coffee beans come from the Arabica variety which is gifted with a low level of caffeine and superior taste and aroma.

Experience Is the Key

Another great thing about choosing roasted and brewed coffee over instant coffee is that you get to experiment and enjoy the process of brewing. Making instant coffee is not really that challenging. All that you need to do is to pump up hot water to the coffee powder and then you are done. Although this is efficient for you, it does not do well in giving you a great experience. With traditional coffee making process using Arabica coffee beans, you get to roast beans, brew them and create a superior cup of coffee. The result of that is more satisfying.

Basing on the following reasons, it is clear that you should choose brewed roasted coffee beans over instant coffee, not only because it more healthier but because it gives you a better experience as well.

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