Tips To Reduce the Bitterness of Your Brewed Coffee

Have you ever tasted a cup of coffee that was so bitter? What did you think was the reason why it was bitter? I am sure you thought about the coffee being too strong to become bitter. Usually people confuse themselves with the cause of the bitterness of coffee. They think that the reason is the strength of coffee but in reality it is all about the way coffee was extracted. In most cases, even almost always, coffee comes out bitterly because of over-extraction.

how to brew coffee perfectly!

Brewing coffee is very common these days. There are so many coffee brewing machines to choose from and there are also those affordable ones. However, although brewing is popular, it does not bring all glory. It needs skill to be able to produce a good brew. Otherwise, you will end up over-extracting your coffee and eventually producing a very bitter cup.

Over-extraction happens when the amount of bitter oils from the coffee ground or beans becomes extracted more than the flavoured oils. There are so many reasons why this occurs. You need to know these things so that you can prevent yourself from creating a coffee ‘fail’. In the end, nobody would want to drink a very bitter cup of coffee.

Heat Destroys the Coffee Beans

Heat is one of the factors why over-extraction occurs. It is very important that heat not be taken for granted especially when brewing coffee because it harms the fragile and delicate coffee oils causing it to be more bitter and burnt. If you want a your coffee to come out with a great taste, one that is with adequate bitterness, then make sure that you use water that is off from boil. Moreover, don’t allow your brew to sit at a very long time at your brewer when it is still turned on because this can further destroy those subtle oils.

The Amount of Coffee Grounds Matters

The amount of coffee that you use for brewing is another thing that has to be considered. It is vital that you ensure adequate amount of coffee grounds for the coffee to not become too bitter. When you brew only a small amount of coffee grounds, this will result to over-extraction leading to a bitter tasting cup of coffee.

If even you already considered these factors yet the brewed coffee that you create still becomes too bitter, then I suggest that you grind your coffee beans more finely and allow the brewing process to take a shorter time than usual.

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