Think About Mother Earth While Drinking Your Coffee

We can’t neglect the big picture that is facing each one of us right now. Mother Earth is suffering. It is crying because of our wickedness to her. Mother Earth is in pain. She is feeling torture. All is because of our neglect. We gave her no care. Now she is crying and her cry is affecting our lives as people inhabiting her earth. Because of this, people are now on the move to decrease the sorrow Mother Earth is experiencing. We are becoming eco-friendly individuals in a lot of aspects. Some are now consciously bringing this drive to save Mother Earth even while they are drinking coffee. This article below will show you how you can be drinking coffee with conscience.

Choose Organic Coffee

Of all the types of coffee beans being sold right at this very moment, it is the organic type of coffee beans that is most friendly to the environment. These coffee beans were grown with less harm caused to the environment. No pesticides that can seep through the water ways and the healthy soil were used to make the coffee cherries that were the origins these beans grow well. Even no fertilizers were used to make their trees more fruitful. This is the most natural type of coffee you could ever get so far. If you really want to help mother earth then every single time you try to drink coffee, make it a habit to check which beans were they made of.

Use Reusable Cups or Mugs

recycled coffee cups!

Being conscientious while drinking your favourite cups of coffee goes beyond choosing what kind of coffee beans your coffee is made of. It is important that you are mindful of the waste you are creating while drinking your coffee as well. When you go to coffee shops, choose to have your coffee served at a glass, cup or a mug, instead of having it served at a single use plastic containers or Styrofoam glasses. The latter are not reusable and are disposable. What is worst is that they are not biodegradable so they keep adding up to fill our Mother Earth as time goes by. When you decide to go to a coffee shop, why not bring your own mug with you and have your order be served in your own cup! That’s the best way you can help decrease Mother Earth’s burden.

These simple efforts when done regularly and by an increasing number of people every day that passes by can truly be effective in the long run in saving Mother Earth!

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