Things You Need To Know About Grinding Your Coffee Beans

Just as the factors such as heat of water, quality of the coffee beans, time of the brewing process and the cleanliness of the coffee maker is important in producing the best cup of coffee, so is the coarseness or the fineness of the coffee grounds. The coarser the coffee grounds are the more time it will need for the water to pass through them and thus more coffee oils are absorbed during the process but not so much for the coffee to become too bitter. There are so many things that you need to know about the grinding of your coffee beans. Below are some of the most important facts that you have to learn.

Time It

coffee time!

Start with the medium coarseness of the coffee ground. Choose the type of the same consistency as the granulated sugar. Then time the amount of time the water will be able to pass through the coffee grounds. If it takes longer than 6 minutes then you have to adjust the consistency of the brew making it much coarser because too much time can make the coffee too bitter. If it takes shorter than 4 minutes, then you have to make it finer because too short time can make the brew too sour. Either of those two – bitter or sour – you would not want for sure.

Choose Your Grinder Well

It is important that you also choose a grinder that is very effective in creating equal coarseness and consistency of the grounds so that you can be sure of even extraction. Otherwise, the quality of your coffee will be undermined. There are grinders which can’t produce even consistency which is why you should do a little research before buying a coffee grinder of your own.

Never Get Those Blade Types

When you shop for grinders, make sure that you choose the ones with conical or flat grinding burrs. Never ever choose the ones with blades because those are the types of grinders that can result to uneven consistency of the coffee grounds. And you know from the ones mentioned above that the inconsistency of the coffee grounds can cause over-extraction or under-extraction which in turn will affect the quality and taste of your brewed coffee.

These are a few facts that you need to know when it comes to grinding. It is important that you learn these things especially if you are planning to brew your own coffee at home because with the brewing process, grinding coffee beans is one of the most important process. Unless you know this by heart, your coffee will come out imperfect in the end.

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