The Truth about the Cups of Coffee You Are Drinking Now

The coffee that you are drinking right now originated from these somehow short plants with bright red cherry-looking fruits. All over the world there are coffee farms. The increase in the number of coffee farms is due to the undying demand of people for coffee. It is also this great demand for coffee that made the quality of coffee that we now drink at home or at coffee shops quite average. Only seldom can we taste premium coffee as of this time. The reason for such will be explained below.

red and green coffee cherries

Income over Taste

Coffee cherries should only be harvested once a year. However, in some places where rainfall is adequate a second harvest is possible. The second harvest, though, yields a smaller output than the real harvest. What does this mean to the coffee growers? This means that income from harvested coffee only comes to them rarely. Scarcity of income is what pushed these coffee growers to harvest coffee cherries more often than usual. They harvest not only the ripe yellow cherries but also the green cherries. As a result, the coffee ends up being a mix of ripe and unripe coffee grounds. This creates the “coffee blend” that we know as of this time.

For us, these (mixture of ripe and unripe coffee cherries) are great tasting coffee because we have no idea that there can still be better coffee than that. The better coffees are the premium ones made from equally ripe coffee cherries. However, this is hard to find these days as income is given more priority than the taste of coffee. What is more is that the premium coffees are very expensive and only those who can afford them can give them a taste.

Sacrificing Taste Is Acceptable

Although it is very disturbing to stop the coffee growers from harvesting the unripe coffee cherries, this should be given a greater consideration. It is not implied that coffee end products should all be premium but consumer of coffee should be given a choice when it comes to these. A better way would perhaps be growing farms specifically designed for harvesting premium coffees yet still having farms for the average coffees – those which results to coffee blends.

In the long run, the taste of coffee being sacrificed is still not a big issue at all because people still get satisfaction from these average quality coffees. Yet it should not be of neglect to all that the desire for high-quality cups of coffee is still present until this time. People are just waiting to be given an option.

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