The History of Coffee

As we move on in this modern time, we slowly discovered that coffee is usually being transported from Africa. Because of this fact that coffee is currently grown in Africa, we had made an assumption that coffee’s history is strongly linked to Southern and Central Africa. However, coffee was not really born in the said country instead it was discovered from Ethiopia by a certain farmer. While tending his flock of goats he discovered this certain plant with red fruits. Accidentally his goat found the leaves of the said plant edible and the goat ate some of it. As a result, he noticed his goat to become much energized. Since then, coffee has been made from the leaves of the said plant. Something occurred which led to the change of how coffee was made. Someone discovered that the effect of coffee to provide a certain speed is increased when it is made from the plant’s fruits. From then on until this very moment, coffee is made from the fruits of that plant.

the coffee plant!

Moving on, the word coffee comes from an Arabic world which means “that which prevents sleep”. There was no further account on why coffee was named as such but if people will be asked to find a reason behind it, there is really no doubt that the reason that most people will utter is due to coffee’s energizing effect. In fact, coffee (caffeine), together with other chemicals, is now labelled as a stimulant. There is no doubt that indeed coffee is a great stimulant. Any person who tries to drink it easily gets over his or her sleepiness. Coffee gives the person drinking it an incredible amount of energy in even just a single shot.

Nowadays from the day coffee was born, there had been so many changes as to how coffee are being produced. It started to be made from leaves perhaps through decoction then using the coffee plant’s fruits and beans still through decoction then right now it has transformed to be made from a powder which results to an instant coffee not neglecting the fact that coffee machines are still patterned to the traditional way of making coffee which is decoction.

In addition, it is also apparent as of this time that there are so many coffee houses being built. This is due to the fact that coffee which was once considered to be an occasional beverage has already transformed to become a beverage for all seasons. Almost all of the people these days, regardless of age and gender, definitely love to drink this type of beverage.

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