The Birth of Espresso

The first espresso machine dates back to 1903 when an Italian person named Bazerra made attempts to draw an espresso machine. He earned a patent license for such sketch yet unfortunately luck was not on his side since his business went down. In the purpose of saving his business, he then sold his patent license to another Italian man named Pavonni. This man, together with his friend, continued to experiment on the espresso machine and was able to create espresso as a result of pressing water to some ground coffee beans. This was the real birth of the espresso coffee machine.  From then on until the 1960s, espresso was made through a piston machine. A guy named Faema tried to transform this method by creating a pump driven espresso machine and thus the birth of another method of espresso making resulted.

We can really see that espresso machine is still a very early technology and was not available until the 21st century. Many people might think that coffee, specifically espresso, has been enjoyed for ages but looking at this chronological history, it seems to be otherwise. Espresso coffee is very new to this world yet it has gained all of the popularity that people can never expect.

a cup of espresso!

When mentioning espresso, people around you will never have a hard time figuring out what you mean. What is more, today coffee beverages have been very popular around the world. Owing to such fact, there has been a constant growth of coffee shops. Espresso is the type of coffee that is mostly ordered because it keeps that person drinking it perked up. This effect is being favoured by a lot of people because in this modern time stress is hard to escape and always comes a person’s way due to either a very pressing job or school assignment.

Looking at this trend as of this time, it is very predictable that espresso coffee and espresso machines will be here to stay even until the future especially since the said type of coffee is being desired by a large number of people. It is really helping people adapt to this very fast-paced and stressful world. The only difference that can happen perhaps with the espresso coffee machines may be compactification.  Probably, coffee machines (espresso) will become smaller and easily portable such that they can be carried around quickly by any person who has so much love for fresh coffee.

The history of espresso coffee machine is still therefore at its infancy. There is still so much that can happen to espresso machines in the future and that will be something that keeps on amazing us.

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