What They Don’t Want You To Know About Automatic Espresso Machines

There are so many types of espresso machines as of this time. Whatever you choose depends on your coffee brewing skills and your budget. If you are an amateur at coffee making then what would be good for you is the automatic espresso coffee machine. This is the type of machine that is well known for its user-friendliness.

The most amazing coffee brewing machine that is available in the market is the automatic type because all that the person needs to do to be able to create a great cup of espresso is to pour water on the reservoir, add the coffee beans and just press a button. The machine itself will be the one to do the grinding and the extracting of the aroma and taste from the coffee beans.  An espresso coffee will be poured after a few minutes to your set espresso cup. With an automatic coffee brewing machine, anyone can really make a cup of espresso coffee without any hassle. This is a perfect machine for people who are amateurs in making espresso coffee.

an automatic espresso machine!

However, these types of machines are not all good. There are a great number of disadvantages with them as well. Sometimes not all of the automatic coffee brewing machines can heat up to high temperatures enough to extract the taste of coffee from the coffee beans. This creates a problem not only with the taste of coffee but also with its aroma, making the espresso coffee a low quality one. It will result to a very bitter cup of espresso, something that is not appealing to your taste buds at all. This is the very reason why it is impossible for an automatic coffee brewing machine to produce a great cup of espresso coffee all the time.

The automatic coffee brewing machines come in different sizes. Its size will depend on how big the reservoir for the water is. There are so called single shot espresso coffee machines and there are also bigger ones which produces more than one shot with each brewing. The big one is designed to suit for people who have a large family while the single one is for the person who lives singly.

Whatever coffee brewing machine you choose, the only thing that you have to keep in your mind is the budget because these types of machines are not really the very affordable ones. It demands you to invest a great value.

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  1. Michel says:

    I Agree on your well written article. I would like to add one point of attention. Not only the water temperature is of great importance, but do not underestimate a good quality build-in grinder. If in doubt of the build in one, it is worthwhile purchasing a extended grinder alongside a automatic espresso machine

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