Save While Drinking Coffee

Coffee is a great beverage and that is why many people love it. So many want coffee to the extent that they consume more amount than they actually did before. Overtime, people drink coffee more than they can afford. They spend way too much money on coffee than they realize. Financial gurus may advice these people to stop drinking coffee. That is the only way they can gain back all the money they have spent on coffee. But what can I say? Foolish! Such idea is foolish. You can’t just make anyone who fell in love with coffee stop drinking in just an instant. It will be a long process and it will really hurt them. While giving up coffee might sound a great idea to be able to save money there are other ways that you can do to lessen the amount you spend for coffee.

Make Your Own Coffee

The reason why coffee lovers tend to spend too much for coffee is because they order them from coffee shops. This is because they believe that coffee in coffee shops tastes way better. However, this is not entirely true. You are capable of creating your own cup of coffee that can win over the taste of commercialized coffee. With the much technological advancement today, there are already so many devices that can help you create your own coffee at home. There are so many coffee machines that are affordable enough for you to start with. You will be able to create your own cup of coffee without having to spend too much money. I have to admit. The process is not all easy. There might be failures along the way but you surely will be able to learn and who knows you might be able to open up your own coffee shop in the future.

Find Another Coffee Enthusiast

find a coffee lover friend

find a coffee lover friend!

There are so many coffee lovers around so finding one is not a problem. When you have a friend that you can exchange ideas with, coffee drinking will be fun. You can convince each other to stop going to cafes and create your own coffee at home. The process of moving on from commercial to homemade coffee will be so much easier because you have a coffee confidante to share the entire process with. Both of you can barter coffee making devices too. You can even share half on every coffee ground purchase that you do. Thus, by paying the same amount of money, you will get two types of coffee flavours. Or better make a coffee club. This way you get so much more ideas for making coffee at home, much opinions on what coffee makers to choose from and what coffee grounds to purchase or not. What is so great about a group is that you get a lot of things to barter with – coffee grinds, coffee cups, coffee roasters and whatever you can possibly think of.

recycle coffee

recycle coffee

Recycle Leftover Coffee

Used coffee can still be reused. You don’t need to instantly throw them away because they have a lot of uses. They are good deodorizers. You can use them to deodorize your sinks or refrigerators. You can use them as fertilizers as well. They make good effects on your plants. Coffee can also be great ingredients for skin care. You can use coffee as face masks together with egg white or milk. Coffee can reduce cellulites too when mixed with lotions or creams. There are so many uses of coffee that you can experiment with. Get some ideas from coffee bloggers out there.

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