Saeco Royal Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Automatic Espresso MachineFor those that want nothing but the finest when it comes to espresso shots in the morning (or throughout the whole day, for that matter), the Saeco Royal automatic espresso machine might be an interesting option. As far as high end espresso makers go, this is one of the best that money can buy.

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Like you would expect from a high end model, the Saeco Royal espresso machine comes with many programmable options. Flexibility in the espresso brewing process is very important for the real espresso aficionado.

I’m talking about the kind of aficionado who is not afraid to experiment with a machine’s settings a little bit. The kind of aficionado that doesn’t want to bother with single button machines that always produce the exact same cup every single time. The kind of aficionado who is willing to invest the time and energy in brewing the perfect shot.


The Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Espresso Center’s Many Features

Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Automatic Espresso Machine

The image above demonstrates the Saeco’s many features. To start with, it has all the features that you’d expect on a modern day espresso machine. Features that were once considered luxurious, but which are now common. The removable drip tray, the removable water tank and the steam and hot water wand, for instance.

The removable water tank has a capacity of no less than 82 ounces, which is about as large as it gets for home espresso machines. It’s easy to clean and maintain, just like the removable drip tray for that matter.

Hot Espresso, Hot Cups!

The cup warming surface at the top is one of those great little extras that you don’t see on entry level espresso machines. You can turn it off if you want to save some energy.

However, if you’ve invested the financial resources in the machine, you might as well tolerate a slightly higher power consumption. Because nothing beats drinking piping hot espresso from warm cups!

Assisted Maintenance

Saeco’s patented Easy Clean System reduces maintenance and cleansing to a minimum. However, some manual cleaning is still required. This can be forgiven, however, considering the fact that no fully automatic cleansing espresso machines even exist at the moment.

Saeco Royal: The Pinnacle Of User Friendliness

One of this machine’s greatest assetts is that you can hook it up directly to your water supply. This eliminated the need to use the water tank at all. It’s less maintenance and less of a refill hassle for you. This effectively increases the amount of espresso shots you can brew, relative to the time you have to take to control the machine.

For this reason, the Saeco Royal automatic espresso machine’s capacity is great for families that have lots of espresso lovers.


Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Automatic Espresso MachineBrewing Rich Flavor Espresso Shots

Being a high end model, it is only realistic that you expect a lot from this machine. And with the Saeco Royal espresso maker, you really do get what you pay for.

As stated earlier, a bit of motivation and willingness to experiment is required to learn the ropes with the Saeco. But once you get the hang of it (which you will after only a few times), you will be able to brew one perfect espresso shot after another.

Don’t even think about using sub par coffee / espresso grounds with this machine. Don’t use old grounds either. Get them fresh. Like two week fresh. Anything less does not do this machine any justice.

The espresso shots produced by the Saeco Royal are unbelievable. The rich flavor… the aroma… completely out of this world. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted anywhere else. Truly outstanding quality.


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