Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine Review

01 - saeco aroma espresso machineSaeco’s Aroma espresso machine is a very traditional machine that you can use to make lattes, cappuccinos and ofcourse… espressos! All in the comfort of your own home, or should I say kitchen? After all, this very compact espresso machine from Saeco does not take up a lot of space and is bound to fit on everybody’s kitchen top.

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The Saeco Aroma’s boiler is made of stainless steel that is built to last. The 15 bar pump provides more than enough pressure to ensure you get a very hot shot of espresso from this machine each and every time your thirsty.

For completeness, the Saeco Aroma comes with a steam and hot water wand, which you can use to froth your milk with the exclusive Pannarello device. The user controls are, fortunately, very friendly. Most people will be able to control this device without even having to read the manual.

And that’s a good thing, because let’s be honest… how many people read manuals these days? We’re much too busy for that!

The water tank is removable, allowing for easy cleansing. Don’t you just hate it when water tanks are built in? You can never get parts of it clean, so you’ll be aware that you’re drinking espresso from water out of a filthy tank. You don’t have that problem with the Saeco Aroma.


02 - saeco aroma espresso machineThe cup warming surface really helps a lot. More often than not, the espresso itself that comes from an espresso machine is pretty hot. But once it goes into a cold cup, it cools down before you have the chance to finish it. Thanks to the cup warming surface, your cup will be warm just like your espresso is. It buys you the time needed to finish your espresso the way you like it: piping hot (or at least close to piping hot).

The drip tray, much like the water tank, is removable. Once again, this makes your job of cleaning the thing a lot easier. How are you going to clean the tray of such an espresso machine if it does not come loose? It’s a pretty compact espresso machine, but you can’t drag that thing to the water tap every time you want to clean the drip tray. That’s why it’s removable!

Thanks to the sturdy build, the Saeco Aroma espresso machine feels very solid. It also will not rust and you can rely on it to stay quiet, even after a good few months of use. The espresso that this machine creates is very creamy, so it not only satisfies your taste buds, but also your observing eye.

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You can buy the Saeco Aroma on Amazon at best price and when you do… you can count on some very good service from them. Amazon offers free super saver shipping for the Saeco Aroma. All in all, this espresso machine is one of the best low priced bargains in espresso machines on the entire web.

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