Perfect Espresso Coffee Is Not Just About Good Coffee Beans

good coffee is not all about the beans!

Espresso coffee is gaining more popularity than its other coffee varieties. Many people believe that espresso is the best type of coffee there is. Whether you like it plain and strong as it is or add a little cream and sugar – espresso is just perfection! Nothing can beat espresso coffee at all. Many think that the greatness of espresso relies solely on the coffee beans they are made of. While it is true that espresso coffee becomes better and greater  when it’s brewed from the best coffee beans, other factors such as the proper brewing process and other ingredients also play a role in bringing out the perfection of espresso coffee.

Temperature of Water Counts

What defines the perfection of espresso coffee more than the right coffee beans is the water. Espresso coffee needs a perfect temperament of the water used for brewing. In order to create the best cup of espresso coffee, water should be about 90 degrees centigrade. This temperature is very crucial in determining the amount of coffee oils extracted from the coffee grounds. Too hot water can result in too bitter coffee and too cold water can lead to too sour coffee. Just average heat is needed to create a cup of espresso that is perfect for your taste buds. When the temperature of water is enough, water is pressurized to pass through the coffee grounds in the filter resulting in a much darker and thicker coffee. The pressure is what makes espresso coffee thicker than other coffee types.

Colour of the Beans Is a Factor

When it comes to coffee beans, what are chosen are the darker varieties because it is what makes espresso coffee thick. However, other people are now modifying their espresso coffee to fit to their taste. There are those who want their espresso sweeter and milder which is why they choose the lighter coffee beans. The dark coffee beans are for those who are used to drinking the original espresso coffee.

Grinding Matters

Another thing that makes espresso perfect apart from the coffee beans and the heat of the water is the proper grinding of the coffee beans. The finer the coffee grounds are the stronger and more robust the espresso coffee will come out to be.

Now you are sure that coffee beans are the not the only reason why your espresso coffee tastes perfect. You then don’t have to wonder why when you have chosen the perfect beans; your espresso coffee won’t still come out great. Maybe, you have neglected some of the other factors mentioned above.

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