Perfect Coffee Matches

Coffee is better with great food

Coffee is now a very popular drink among all ages. People have remarked coffee as an over-the-counter beverage ever since coffee shops made it possible for the drink to be easy to carry with. Not only young professionals love having coffee as daily accessories before they hit their offices but also college students, celebrities and even middle to late adults. What makes taste coffee so much better is the food that we match it with. There are several foods that we can pair with coffee to make it a much more perfect beverage than it is alone.


coffee plus donut = yum!

coffee plus donut = yum!

Nothing can be a much better combination than coffee and donuts. The sweet taste of donuts matches the bitter taste of coffee really well. Whether the donut is cream-filled, powdered or just glazed, it will surely bring out the best out of any type of coffee. This combination is perfect as a quick breakfast meal especially for people with a fast-paced lifestyle like the people who have a 9 to 5 job and those who are still going to universities. A donut dunked on coffee can also be a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. This is by far the most popular match for a coffee drink.


Have you noticed the tables of people in the coffee shops? Most of them have their favourite cups of coffee sitting there paired with their most-loved sandwiches. Yes, clubhouse sandwiches make coffee more palatable. This combination is not only perfect as a heavy breakfast meal but also is a good choice for a snack. Most often, this is the food combination that most office-goers order during their breaks.

Bacon and Eggs

bacon and eggs for coffee

bacon and eggs for coffee

Nothing can be much better than bacon and eggs. This is one famous American food mix-up. You can never go wrong with mouth-watering bacon and a sunny side up egg! To make it the most sumptuous meal, all that you need to add it with is a great cup of hot coffee or even an iced one. To add some twist, top of those bacon and eggs with some good melted cheese. Now, you have a perfect breakfast with all of the nutrients that you just need for the whole day – protein, calcium, and some uppers! Whenever you hit up a coffee shop before you go to work, better have those bacon and eggs with a cup of coffee in mind!


I don’t know if this is a weird combination for those who haven’t tried it yet but I tell you, pizza is really a great pair for an iced coffee. First time I heard about it from a friend, I gave it a sarcastic laugh. Who on earth would love such mishmash? But once I gave it a try and I could never remember drinking my favourite iced coffee without pizza. I just don’t know why but pizza makes my coffee taste more like smoothies or fruit shakes! For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, I suggest that you give this a shot.

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