Packaging Affects Flavour of Coffee

Flavour of coffee does not only rely on how you are careful on the brewing process. It also is dependent on how coffee is packaged. This time people are not only drinking instant coffee. They are choosing to brew their own cup of coffee to be able to get a superior taste. This is what most coffee lovers usually do. Brewing your own coffee needs you to be meticulous in choosing how the coffee beans are packaged because it is through how they are stored that the freshness of coffee is retained. You already know in the previous article “Don’t Keep Coffee Beans in Your Freezer” that the freshness of coffee beans does give a big impact on the taste of your brewed coffee.

Whole Bean Packaging

whole coffee beans!

In order to produce a superior taste of coffee, most likely it is a good choice to brew your own cup of coffee at home using your own coffee brewing machine. This is the trend as of this time as it offers better satisfaction to the coffee enthusiast. Coffee brewing makes the coffee lover active instead of just being a passive receiver of coffee. Being at home you get to grind your own coffee beans to your own preference of size particles. This is a great thing because you grind them every time you start a new brew. So you are therefore retaining the freshness of the brew. You also dictate how oils from the coffee grounds are extracted based on the size of your grounds.

Pod Packages

perfect beans!

There are already many types of coffee machines as to date. The most popular when it comes to automatic coffee brewing machines are the pod coffee makers. They are very compact and easy to use. They are best suitable to those people who are living alone and are heavily addicted to drinking brewed coffee that comes with a unique taste. Pod packages are small packets of coffee grounds specialized for a single brew. What is so good about pod coffee packages is that the freshness of the coffee is retained. Only one cup of brew can be produced by each packet. So you only open one packet at a time. Thus, you are not risking the coffee grounds from being exposed to light and air which harms the very fragile coffee grounds.

What is more is that if you don’t have a pod coffee machine, you can just pour the contents of each packet on your cup and add hot water. It is just that easy. Freshness is thus maintained all the time.

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