Other Uses of Coffee Grounds

In the previous article, Don’t Throw Coffee Grounds Away, I have mentioned to you two of the many great ways by which you can incorporate coffee grounds in your daily life simply by recycling or reusing it.

You already have learned that coffee grounds act perfectly as odor absorbers of your foul-smelling sinks. In addition to that, you also have realized that coffee grounds can be used to dye a lot of stuffs like paper, furniture and eggs. In this article, I will be telling you more about what I have learned from Casey Nicholson on coffee ground reusing.

Perfect as Cleaners

Having to deal with hard to remove stains or dirt in some of the common home utensils like pots or casseroles is really tedious and annoying. I bet you always try to escape from this task and leave it for others in your household to finish.

This time, you don’t have to find cleaning these enormous stains difficult because your used coffee grounds can make that job easier for you. Coffee grounds are acidic and abrasive in nature. This property of coffee grounds allows them to similarly act as sand papers making surfaces of your utensils smooth and clean. You can simply do that by mixing those used grounds with a little water and using a rigid and firm brush to clean those stains away!

Use Them as Fertilizers

coffee is healthy for the soil!

Researchers have discovered the amazing impact of coffee grounds when planted together with seeds of radishes and carrots. They make these plants grow abundantly and healthily yielding great big fruits perfect for harvest.

If you are fond of gardening, using coffee grounds as fertilizers can not only assure you of a well-grown plant but also will help you save your money from expensive commercial fertilizers. What is even more enticing is that these coffee grounds serve as great pest repellants thus can ensure your plant to grow bountifully without any stolen nutrients.

Great Spices

cooking with coffee!

Did you not know that coffee grounds are perfect spices for any dish that you are planning to cook? When marinated with meat, it adds an extra unique flavour to the meat which makes it a really sumptuous meal after cooking. They can also add additional twisted flavour to your cakes and pastries!

Many of the famous chefs are already using coffee as spices. It is about time that you do so as well.


Now that you know the benefits of coffee grounds, you better think twice about throwing the used ones away!

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