Make Better Coffee

Coffee does not always taste good. There are times when because you have gotten used to drinking it, they tend to taste bland and dull. When this happens, it is about time that you make something up so that coffee will once again taste good. Below are some of the tips that will help you enjoy coffee to the maximum.

coffee art

coffee art

Coffee Etching

When you are too bored to drink your own coffee no matter how delicious it might turn out when it reaches your palate, start spicing that up by decorating your own lattes. Coffee etching is already very popular nowadays and it will be very easy for you to do that if you start using your creativity and imagination the earliest possible time. Not only will you enjoy your coffee to the maximum, you also will have something to blog about and post on Facebook. It is a work of art that you can be proud of.

From Hot to Cold Coffee

Hot coffee is now a thing of the past. Although we can’t really fully let go of hot coffee, it is also important that we try something else and by that I am pertaining to cold coffee. This is a great treat for you in hot summer days. Not only will be pumped up for the warm weather but also you get to quench your thirst through your favourite beverage.

Cold coffee is very common in coffee shops but you can also make your own at home using good espresso makers.

Make Coffee as Your Workout Buddy

Since coffee is a stimulant, it is best taken when you need to do an activity wherein you need much energy. One best example for this type of activity is a workout. Every time you feel lazy to go to the gym or do your exercise, pump up yourself with cold or hot coffee. Before you even notice it, you have been hit by a full blown caffeine effect which gets you ready to do some action. In relation to that, you most likely will spend more time exercising and thus will burn more fats and calories. Thanks to coffee, you get to welcome the new fit and sexy you!

Proper Bean Storage

Once you get started into brewing coffee at home, the number of things that you need to learn tends to increase. An important tip that you always have to bear in mind is proper bean storage. Coffee beans are really very delicate. Once they are not kept in proper storage containers, they can easily become stale. When you brew staled coffee beans, your brewed coffee tends to become bitterer and less pleasing to the palate. So the next time you notice your coffee being too bitter, check if you have stored your beans properly.

Roast Your Coffee Beans At Home

roast coffee at home

roast coffee at home

The problem that most coffee aficionados complain about when they get started on the coffee-brewing-at-home passion is how hard it is to get hold of fresh roasted coffee beans. Most of the beans being sold are either stale or almost stale. You have read from above that it is this staleness that is responsible for making coffee much bitter than it actually is. A suggested solution for this problem is to roast your own coffee beans. Finding fresh green coffee beans is so much easier than finding fresh roasted ones. The greatest thing about roasting your own coffee beans is that you get the chance to decide how much cooked you want your beans to be and thus the taste of your coffee will be in your control.

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