Knowing the Different Types of Espresso Makers

Everyone is now hooked into buying coffee machines. The love of people for coffee has gone beyond the four walls of a coffee shop now that people are starting to purchase their very own coffee machines which they can use at home. What are most common among all the coffee machines are the espresso makers. Actually there are about 3 types of espresso makers and these are the manual espresso maker, the semi-automatic espresso maker and the full automatic espresso maker. We will be dealing with each one of these coffee makers in this article.

different espresso machines!

Manual Espresso Coffee Machine

Just as its name suggests, this type of espresso machine requires you to do more of the brewing yourself. You need to prepare the coffee grounds yourself and heat the water to the desired temperature. Skill is needed in handling this type of machine because disaster can come right instantly especially if you are not skilled enough to use it. This is not the kind of machine for amateur baristas or for coffee lovers deciding to shift drinking coffee at coffee shops to drinking coffee at home by brewing it themselves.

Semi Automatic Coffee Machine

This type of espresso coffee maker is much easier to use than the manual version. You don’t need to take full control of it because the machine can perform some of the steps of the brewing process for you without your direct supervision. All that you need to do is to see to it that the machine is properly plugged into an electrical source and is turned on. Apart from that you have to make sure that there is enough water in the reservoir because the machine will not prompt you if the water is not sufficient anymore for brewing. The same goes with the amount of coffee grounds on espresso maker’s filter. Other than those said the machine will do other jobs for you.

Full Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Unlike the other coffee machines that will allow you to participate in the coffee brewing process, the full automatic espresso coffee machines will not give you any hassle at all. The entire process of brewing relies solely on the machine. Most of the automatic espresso machines give out perfect coffees all the time which is why it should be what amateur baristas and certified “coffee-holics” should purchase for themselves if ever they decide on brewing their own cups of coffee at home. You will be prompted if ever the machine senses something wrong, like when the coffee grounds are not enough, the water is not adequate or if the brewing is already done. This is the type of machine that will just allow you to sit back, relax and wait for your brewed coffee to be done. However, of all the other espresso machines, this is the most expensive one.

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