Importance Of Coffee Bean Freshness

It is very sad for those people who have very much knowledge about coffee to see how coffee beans in coffee retailer’s stores are being kept. How they are kept just goes to show how little knowledge these business people know about coffee. Usually they are just placed on small packs that are left open to air and are dated on when they will lose their freshness based on when they were harvested. It is not really on when the coffee beans have been harvested wherein its expiration is decided from. It is rather on how these coffee bean roasts are stored that their freshness is maintained.

Take not that when roasted coffee beans are left to stale, they become too bitter and unpalatable. You don’t want that so to prevent this from happening, consider the tips that I have gathered below.

Buy Directly From a Retailer

When you brew your own cup of coffee at home, tendency is you buy coffee roasts as well. Whether it is from a retailer store or from a website, you have to make sure that you purchase coffee beans that are just fresh from the roaster. The moment air and other conditions destroy the roasted coffee beans, their freshness is undermined.

For added information, roasted coffee beans should be kept away from air and light to retain its freshness. If just neglected, the coffee oils on these roasted coffee beans will be damaged and the flavour of the coffee that you will produce from the brewing process will be altered. It is also vital for you to know that roasted coffee beans can only stay fresh for at least 7 to 10 days. So whenever you order roasted coffee beans, see to it that you will be able to consume it in that specified amount of time or else you will just be wasting your money.

grind coffee on your own

grind coffee on your own

Grind Roasted Coffee Beans on Your Own

When you go and shop for coffee, I suggest that you better choose the whole bean directly. The reason for this is because whole beans have lesser surface area exposed. Thus, it will not be easily damaged to light and air since roasted coffee beans are really very delicate. It is   also recommended that you grind enough roasted coffee beans that you can consume for each brew. When coffee beans have been grinded, you are exposing more of its surface area to light and air. This means that it would be very easy for them to get stale. If you don’t take note of these, then odds are you will be wasting a lot of money even if you are brewing coffee at home.

Store Coffee Beans Properly

Light and air are the main enemies of coffee bean staleness. Make sure that when you order coffee beans you have a proper storage container ready in your home. The container should be something dark wherein light can hardly get through. It should not be the type that when you get some amount of coffee beans, you risk exposing the remaining beans to air. Dispenser types are great because you are able to get the beans out without risking air to get into the container.

store coffee beans properly

store coffee beans properly

If you are the type that doesn’t want to worry about any of these things then better buy enough coffee beans that you will roast instantly. In this manner, you will not have to think about how you will store such coffee beans. Yet if you hate constantly ordering coffee beans then you have to consider getting a good storage container for these beans.

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