How to Perfectly Create Iced Coffee?

Many are allured by coffee – hot or cold. What people are used to drinking is the hot brewed coffee. There are so many tips and ways in the internet for you to follow in order to perfect a hot coffee but it is inevitable that we also need iced coffee. How many times have you been thirsty for iced coffee during hot weathers especially during summers but just can’t get hold of it because coffee shops are far  from your area or simply because every try you’ve made in creating iced coffee ended up in a failure? If so, then here are some tips and suggestions that you can follow in order for you to perfect your iced coffee:

Start with a good quality coffee.

Not because you are trying to produce a less classy serve of coffee – an iced instead of a hot one – does not mean that you won’t choose the variety of coffee that is superior. It is best if you start with the best brew. The best types of coffee that will be perfect when served as iced are Brazilian and South American Coffees.

Make it a double shot espresso.

iced coffee!

Making an iced coffee still starts from brewing a good coffee and since cold or the ice can deaden the flavour of your coffee in the end, it is important that you prepare a stronger brew in the first place.  Instead of creating a single shot, make it double by adding more coffee grounds to the filter of your coffee machine.

Make coffee ice cubes and use them.

Without ice, coffee can never be an iced coffee. But many coffee lovers have observed that plain ice cubes made of water can destroy the taste of coffee when it melts. What is more is that it floats on top of your coffee when melting simply because they don’t contain the same ingredient with your coffee. It is therefore important that you make and store up some coffee into ice cubes and use them instantly once frozen.

Fresh coffee is good coffee even if it’s iced!

Just like how freshly brewed hot coffee tastes so good when drank immediately, so does iced coffee. Yes, it sounds good to prepare a pitcher of iced coffee and store it to your refrigerator to be drunk later on because this keeps you from all the hassle. Yet, the moment you get a glass of coffee from that pitcher, you will surely end up throwing it away for the coffee will taste bland and flat. Make sure that you create iced coffee that you can consume right away and never ever leave some leftovers.

If you follow the tips suggested above, there is no doubt that you will have a great coffee experience even when it’s served chilled!

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