How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

Coffee is the most loved beverage as of this time. A lot of people have learned to admire this beverage to the extent of not imagining themselves without it. What is more is that this beverage has a very great effect in our bodies. It boosts our bodies into action. This is very important these days because there are so many things that are being demanded from us. Apart from the main effect of coffee, people just love to drink coffee because of its rich taste and aroma. If weighted, it is the taste and aroma of coffee that make people crazy over this drink. How then can you make sure that you are creating a great cup of coffee? There are so many ways that has to be considered so that you can create the best cup of coffee. Let us tackle each one of them.

Preparation Matters

Many people are now trying to experiment on coffee brewing because of the satisfaction it brings after the whole process. Due to this, preparation became a major thing that has to be considered. Most of the coffee beans are shiny and glossy when bought. This is because of the oils that stick on it that gives flavour to the coffee. With each brew, these essential oils stick to the coffee maker. If the coffee maker is not cleansed thoroughly for the next brew, there is a greater chance that the stuck oils change the taste of the new brew.


Boiling the water during the brewing process is by far the thing that should be given the highest priority. In order to prevent scalding of your coffee beans, it is important that you boil the water first. Otherwise, the delicate coffee beans will be easily destroyed once you do so. This will give an unsatisfying taste of coffee which you would not want for sure.

The freshness of the water used also affects the taste of your brewed coffee.  It is never advisable to use water that sat on the kettle over night. This gives the coffee an inferior flavour. See to it that you use fresh and clean, if possible filtered water, all the time.


grinding coffee at home!

The type of grinder that you use is also important because it gives so much impact on the coffee grounds that are created. The high quality grinders produce grinds of equal size in terms of coffee particles. On the other hand, cheap grinders are incapable of doing such. As a result, the smaller or finer particles get stuck in the filter. It is noteworthy that you know that most coffee brewers have filters. Those fine particles can affect the quality of the brew. It causes over-extraction during brewing as the brewer tries to extract more from the very fine particles. This then leads to a bitter cup of coffee.

These are just a few tips that you need to follow for a good cup of coffee.

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