How to Maintain Coffee Beans’ Freshness?

Savour that great smell of your freshly roasted beans! It is as if you are already sipping from your own cup of brewed coffee. The feeling that you get while embracing the fragrance of your freshly roasted black coffee beans is more or less similar to the experience that you most likely get when you take a small sip of your newly brewed coffee. Ecstatic, isn’t it?

Indeed, the aroma of newly roasted coffee beans is quite addictive but if you come to scrutinize it more closely, is it really a great thing that you are able to smell your fresh coffee beans? Or does it tell you another thing? Also, the aroma of your coffee beans is much more enhanced just when you start the brewing process as hot water gets in touch with the delicate oils of your roasted beans. This might be another hint for you. If we are to conclude, getting to smell coffee beans is great but based on those things said we can say that indeed air and heat can slowly, perhaps bits by bits, take away the aroma of your coffee beans until nothing is left of it. This is what you should therefore consider when thinking about storing your newly purchased coffee beans. Following these facts, here are the suggestions that I can give you to ensure long-time freshness of your coffee beans.

fresh roasted coffee!

Buy freshly roasted coffee beans

Go to stores that always offer your freshly roasted coffee beans each time. The stores that are able to do this are the mail-order coffee companies. What they do is to frequently roast coffee beans and mail the order as soon as they are roasted. Thus, you can be assured of coffee beans fresh from the roaster. Demand that these coffee beans be packed in a nitrogen-flushed container to make sure that air is incapable of penetrating to your beans.

Don’t buy more coffee than you can consume

Usually whole coffee beans just maintain its freshness for about 3 to 4 weeks while grounded beans stay for not more than a week. Make sure that you consume your coffee beans or coffee grounds before they even get stale.

Better choose whole beans over the grounded ones

Based on what you’ve read above, whole beans can maintain its freshness longer than grounded coffee. The reason for this is because the exposed surface area of whole coffee beans is smaller thus limiting the escape of your coffee bean’s aroma and freshness.

Store it in a cool and dry place

You have read earlier that heat can hasten the escape of aroma from your coffee beans which is why it is just good to store them in areas away from heat.

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