How Much Coffee Is Safe?

Isn’t it really nice to just drink coffee in a cold winter day? Oh, how that warm and fresh aroma of coffee heats your body up in an instant – just relaxing.  The greatness of coffee is just unexplainable. Oh, how it makes the very tough and long work day really short making it comparable to a matter of minutes! The temptation that coffee has on us is simply irresistible. Coffee is indeed the most loved beverage next to water. In fact, many people are treating coffee as their water. But how much coffee is really healthy? When does coffee start to harm the person drinking it?

Two Cups!

In the previous article, Daily Coffee Is Good When Not Taken More Than Two Cups, you have known that coffee is safe only up to two cups. Does that mean that drinking a third cup of coffee is really bad for your health? More of a yes, I may say. Doctors suggest that you take coffee only two cups per day and that is approximately about 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine a day. Take that literally – just 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine, I reiterate. So if you are taking other substances with caffeine, then you have to let it go or better do some substitution instead.

too much coffee?

Learn To Add and Subtract

Let me make this clearer for you. If you love to drink coffee but still take in chocolates or drink tea, then you are already overdosing your caffeine intake. The healthy amount of caffeine is just up to 300 mg and having other sources of caffeine apart from your usual two cups of coffee is already harmful. What is even suggested is that when you are already having difficulty sleeping, or having coffee instead of water or juice, it is about the right time that you get yourself distanced from coffee. This is the same suggestion for those nursing a child or is pregnant.

Coffee can be good. Yes, but there are so many things that we have to consider when it comes to taking it because when it does harm, it means serious business – it can be fatal. Trying to let go of coffee can be hard. But I am not telling you to totally ignore coffee. I am teaching you to do substitution. If you are taking one cup of tea per day, then drink just a cup of coffee as well. If you eat chocolates then lessen your coffee intake too. Doing so can ensure that you are taking the normal and acceptable limits of caffeine that can keep your body healthy.

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