Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee

Blogs regarding saving tips for coffee lovers or aficionados always have home coffee brewing as the main suggestion. However, there are so much that you need to learn first before you decide to shift on brewing coffee at home. Listed below are some of the great tips for you to be able to enjoy coffee and save at the same time while you brew them at home. You need to read each of these because if you don’t then odds are you will be wasting more money than when you order coffee from coffee shops.

Take Note of How the Coffee Is Packed

The next time you shop for coffee beans or coffee grounds, check the packaging. Is it properly packed? Does the container say it is valve-sealed? Does it tell you that carbon dioxide has been vacuumed from the container? If it does not, then don’t buy it. Air destroys the delicate oils that are on the surfaces of roasted coffee beans. These oils are the ones that add flavour to your coffee. When you allow air to destroy your coffee, your coffee will taste bland and you will not be satisfied with its flavour.

Store Coffee Beans Well

Bring your storage container with you as you shop your coffee beans. Usually coffee beans are transferred in brown paper bags when you shop them. This process exposes the beans to air and thus destroys its delicate oils. Prevent that from happening by bringing your dark and air tight containers with you when you shop for coffee.

Grind Coffee Beans as You Brew

grind enough coffee as you brew

grind enough coffee as you brew!

The more surface area of the coffee is exposed to air the faster it loses its freshness. Therefore, it is safe to say that you grind enough coffee beans that you will use for brewing. Take note: ground coffee can only last for a short period of time. To be exact, it is fresh for only two days. On the other hand, coffee beans retain freshness for a longer period of time. It stays for as long as two weeks or 7-14 days.

Add More Grounds for Less Bitter Coffee

When you brew your own coffee, you have to be mindful of the amount you place on your brewer. The lesser you put into the brewer, the bitterer your brewed coffee will become and vice versa. When the amount of the coffee ground is less than adequate, what the coffee brewer does is extract too much from the coffee grinds. Coffee oils, the ones that add flavour to coffee, only stay on the outer part of the beans or the grounds. When you put a lesser amount the inside portions of the beans or grounds are extracted as well. The insides are not any more palatable and they will make the coffee very bitter. If you are not the type that loves espresso then you have to be mindful of this.

Brew What You Can Consume

brew what you can consume

brew what you can consume!

Repetitive brewing destroys the flavour of coffee because exposure to extreme temperature destroys the delicate oils in your coffee beans or coffee grinds. So instead of having a great tasting coffee, you end up with a bad brew. Prevent this by making sure that you only brew the amount that you can consume. In such a manner, you will be able to get the best oils out of your coffee beans and in turn your brewed coffee will turn out to be the best.

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