Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Review

01 - gaggia 14101 classic espresso machineDon’t let the classic design fool you. The Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine actually harbors some of the most advanced technology for creating the perfect espresso brews. With this machine, it is almost like having an espresso café (with industrial grade, commercial hardware and all) in your very own home.

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The Gaggia Classic can make you very hot and tasty coffee drinks or espresso shots very well. The 58 millimeter filters provide more than enough room for brewing a very rich cup of espresso. Gaggia has really raised the bar when it came to this machine’s build. It is a stainless steel housing, which has the same quality and sturdiness as commercial espresso machines do.

The Gaggia Classic heats up very fast and it manages to keep its temperature very stable. This is one of the things this espresso machine excels at. The secret to this is the fact that the portafilters and the grouphead are made of brass with chrome plating. This is a finishing you don’t often see in espresso machines. But the Gaggia Classic has it!

This Gaggia espresso machine works with pods, making it the ideal espresso maker for everybody that doesn’t want to be bothered with the chore of having to grind up beans. Pods can be purchased in the store ready made and they will allow your espresso maker to to make you a shot of espresso quick and quietly. Since the Gaggia Classic is made to deliver two cups at once, you can have a quick espresso with a friend.

With the Gaggia Classic, not only can you make cups of coffee and espresso, but you can also have it dispense hot water for a cup tea. No more need for a separate water cooker. You’ve already got one with this espresso machine. Speaking of water… the Gaggia’s water reservoir is easy to clean because it is removable. This also allows you to fill it more easily.

Since original versions of the Gaggia Classic had a frothing wand of which the quality was not on par with all the other parts, Gaggia has replaced this frothing wand with a new one. It is called the turbo frother, and the turbo frother is definitely on par with the rest of Gaggia’s Classic espresso machine.

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If you want to, you can buy the Gaggia Classic on Amazon at its best price. With Amazon’s free shipping on this espresso machine, you won’t have to worry about spending a dime more than you need to. All current models have the improved steaming wand and also an improved finish which greatly increases the durability of this machine. It’s a consumer’s best buy!

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