Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso MachineOver the past few years, I’ve drunk quite a lot of espressos at a coffee shop near my work. I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere in coffee shops, but I’ve also always had a tough time finding my peace with the outrageous prices that are charged for a shot of espresso. Eventually, I made the decision to purchase an espresso maker of my very own!

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The one thing I have always thought was cool about coffee shops, was the fact that they had these enormously large, industrial strength, stainless steel espresso machines. If you’ve ever been to a coffee shop yourself, you’ll know what I mean. More than once I have dreamt of owning one of those machines myself.

I also love the aroma of espresso that fills the room once the espresso machine starts producing espresso shots. Espresso has a special ability to get people to feel comfortable and having laid back conversations with each other. I love the whole atmosphere that espresso brings with it.

Gaggia Espresso ShotsGaggia 12300 Baby Class Espresso Machine

But I knew I had to be realistic. I wasn’t going to afford a $2000 commercial espresso machine. Can’t afford it, don’t have room for it! However, Gaggia’s 12300 Baby Class espresso machine does have that really nice stainless steel look I love so much!

That’s why I myself am a real Gaggia man. Everybody prefers a certain brand for one reason or another. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with brands. It’s just that I personally prefer Gaggia.

But you should never purchase an espresso machine just because it looks pretty. So now let’s move on to what actually matters: is the Gaggia 12300 able to make a decent cup of espresso?

The quick answer would be: yes! I’ve tasted many different kinds of espresso shots over the years, so I definitely know what I am talking about. I haven’t frequented many different kinds of coffee shops. But the one I did frequent had multiple machines. And I’ve had multiple kinds of espressos from all of them.

Espresso BeansThe Gaggia Baby Class’ Espresso Quality

The Gaggia’s espresso quality is just great. I think this is partly due to its portafilter, which is a heavy 58mm. The portafilter is a very important part of any espresso machine, because it is responsible for directing hot water through the coffee puck at very high pressure.

Good espresso can only be made if there is enough pressure. And the 15 bars of pressure in combination with the commercial style portafilter work together brilliantly to get the espresso shots just right!

The heavy 58mm portafilter, I think, is what is truly at the heart of this machine. Gaggia has managed to put an industrial strength portafilter into a ‘baby’ machine, which is compact enough to fit on literally everybody’s kitchen top!

Seriously… if you can’t fit the Gaggia Baby Class espresso maker on your kitchen top, then you don’t have enough space for any espresso machine, period.

Gaggia 12300 Baby Class Manual Espresso MachineThe Final Verdict On The Gaggia Baby!

In summary, I think I can safely say that Gaggia has managed to pull off stuffing a lot of functionality into a very tiny volume. On top of that, the machine looks extremely stylish and makes your whole kitchen look like it’s worth twice as much! I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gaggia Baby increased the value of my entire house!

Furthermore, the machine is very easy to use. Even my kids can manage to produce decent espresso shots. And I only had to show them once.

Also worthy of mentioning is the 60 ounce water tank. This comes down to 1.75 liters. For such a compact machine, that’s a really big water tank. Many espresso machines come with 1 liter water tanks. The Gaggia Baby has almost double that! Really great for a family like mine where people are doing multiple espresso shots throughout the day.

This machine is expensive initially. But it pays back for itself in due time, because I guarantee you that you’ll be spending less time in over priced coffee shops! In summary, I highly recommend the Gaggia Baby to espresso lovers world wide.

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