Easy Tips to Ensure a Superior Cup of Coffee At Home

Many people believe that the sole factor that needs to be considered in creating a great cup of coffee is the freshness of the coffee beans used. Although this counts more than the other factors, it is not a reason to neglect other important considerations. With fresh coffee beans, the way you grind, brew and serve coffee also offers great importance. Once you consider all of these, it goes without a shadow of a doubt that your cup of brewed coffee will come out superiorly.

Clean Is Delicious!

a perfect cup of coffee!

Cleanliness of the coffee brewing machine used affects that taste of coffee. You notice how shiny fresh coffee beans are. This is because the beans are covered with aromatic oils. These oils stick to the coffee brewing equipment after the first brewing process. This will stain or provide an insatiable flavour to the next brew that you will experiment on if not cleansed thoroughly. Thus, it goes without saying that you really have to make sure that you clean your coffee maker, may it be a complicated type or an easy-to-clean type.

Tik-Tok on the Clock!

The time you allot for the brewing process also matters equally to the cleanliness that you have to maintain with each brew. This is important to see to it that your brewed coffee will result in a superior taste and not become too bitter. When coffee beans are brewed longer than necessary, over-extraction occurs. In the previous article, Tips To Reduce the Bitterness of Your Brewed Coffee, you were exposed to the effects of over-extraction to the taste of the coffee. The more you expose your coffee grounds or beans to heat, the more they are likely to become bitter.

Freshness Matters!

Freshness is another thing that needs to be considered in the brewing process. The freshness being talked about here does not only go with the coffee beans but also with the water used and the promptness of serving the cup of coffee.  It is important that you choose your coffee beans well as it is vital to ensure the pureness of the water you use. Furthermore, nothing can be so much better than a cup of coffee that is served instantly fresh from the coffee maker. Don’t ever allow your cup of coffee to sit for a long while before you serve it because the taste will be altered by then.

If you follow these tips, there is no doubt that you will be able to produce a great cup of coffee with a superb taste and addicting aroma each time.

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