Don’t Throw Coffee Grounds Away!

You may already have noticed the increasing number of people who drinks not only one cup but two to three cups of coffee a day. Many even can’t imagine themselves without a single cup of coffee per day. With this constant increase in coffee lovers also follows behind the increasing number of used coffee grounds that are left in the coffee brewing machine only to come out as a waste the next day!

don't throw them away!

In this modern age, recycling has been more important than it was in the past. Almost all things are recycled. Coffee beans, for instance, can be the next thing that will be recycled. In fact, many are doing so in this point of time. Your used coffee beans can already be incorporated in your daily life!

Keeps the Smell Off Your Drains

Have you ever walked into your kitchen having been able to smell something foul? Then you realize that it is coming for your kitchen drains. Keep the foul odor from your sink with the use of coffee grounds.

First, heat to boil that coffee ground then pour them straight into your sink. After a few minutes follow it with at least three pours of hot water to make sure that the grounds you previously drained will not clog your pipes. Doing this can ensure you of a fresh smelling sink all throughout the week!

Use Them As Dyes

Have you noticed how coffee can stain your clothes when you accidentally become messy when drinking it? This effect of coffee makes it a very great substance to be used as dyes. There are many ways that you can use coffee beans as a dye. You can either use it to dye your paper, stationeries and even your Easter eggs. What is more is that you can use the coffee as a dye to hide the blemishes of your brown furniture. Isn’t that a great way to save your money just by reusing your coffee grounds?

coffee dyeing

You can easily do this by putting the ground in a filter or a cloth and then binding them together. After that, you soak the bind like a tea bad soaked in a hot water. Allow it to sit for a few minutes or so and try to check the change in the colour of the water. Once it is already brownish in colour, you can then soak the things you need to dye in them!

I have found these great uses of coffee grounds from the article written by Casey Nicholson. To know more about the other uses of coffee grounds read his article.

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