Don’t Keep Coffee Beans in Your Freezer

How many times have you been told by your fellow coffee lovers, who also brew their roasted coffee beans at home, to store these beans on your freezer? I bet you have heard about this from a number of people already and you have tried doing so. Surely, you realized that it does not really do well in keeping those coffee beans fresh. Although your freezer limits penetration of light and heat to your freshly roasted coffee beans, it still can’t stay away from the most common culprits of making coffee beans out of date which are no other than oxygen and moisture.

Freezer Is Not Good For Coffee Beans Storage

Coffee beans, straight from the freezer, gather moisture when brought outside. This leads to coffee beans being stale and unable to produce a great taste coffee with a superb aroma. To assure that your coffee will have the best gourmet blend and taste, you have to see to it that moisture can’t get its way through those coffee beans. Apart from that, you have to prevent coffee beans from being exposed to air, specifically oxygen especially if you are not going to brew them right away.

Alternative Coffee Beans Storage Ways

storing coffee beans!

How then will you store those coffee beans to maintain its freshness? Good thing this time there are already so many ways that have been researched to be able to ensure the freshness of your coffee beans. I will mention a few of them in this article.

One of the recent discoveries when it comes to storage of coffee beans to make sure that they retain their innate freshness is through a nitrogen-flushed bag. This is a common bag that contains the coffee beans. Nitrogen is used to flush out all of the oxygen from the bag. You already know that nitrogen is an inert gas so it does not really do any harm to your coffee beans. Comes with this bag is a one-way valve. This sees to it that there will be no input of oxygen into the bag, only an exit for the beans to come out.

Another way is to use an air-tight container. If you are unable to get access to a nitrogen-flushed bag then you have no other option but to choose an air-tight container may it be plastic or glass. You just have to make sure that you squeeze out all of the air out of the container before you put the coffee beans in it.

These are just some ways of keeping those roasted coffee beans fresh from the day of purchase until the day you will brew them.

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