DeLonghi EN660 Nespresso Lattissima Espresso Maker Review

DeLonghi EN660 Nespresso LattissimaI have heard many good things about Nespresso as of late. And in recent weeks, I had a harder and harder time controlling my curiosity. I just so happened to have a work related event about a month ago where Nespresso was being served. From the moment I first tasted it, I was sold.

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I knew I had to have my own Nespresso machine and I have looked at many of them. During my searches, I came across many espresso machines reviews, including this slick looking Nespresso Aeroccino CitiZ espresso machine. Many of Nespresso’s espresso makers are getting really good reviews, so for me… it was a very hard choice to make.

I ended up choosing the DeLonghi EN660 Nespresso maker. Not that the Aeroccino wasn’t any good… because it is! It’s just that I was willing to pay a slightly higher price for a little more functionality.

DeLonghi EN660 Nespresso LattissimaThe DeLonghi EN660’s Features

As the Nespresso name suggests, this espresso maker works with espresso ground capsules (or pods) if you will that are produced by Nespresso. A lot of people can’t imagine that good coffee (or even espresso, or cappuccino) can come from a mere pod. But once you’ve tasted one, there is a good chance you’ll be hooked from then on.

I used to own a Senseo machine, which lasted for many years before breaking down. I used it intensively. And while I enjoyed it tremendously, I always hated having to open the thing up to remove the wet pad so I could throw it away.

With the DeLonghi EN660, the used capsules are ejected automatically. You might think this is small stuff that doesn’t matter much. But you’ll be surprised at much easier it makes your life.

Another thing I quite enjoy are the controls, which are very user friendly and are also illuminated. With too many espresso machines, you have to turn on a light to see what you are doing. So far, I haven’t had that problem with DeLonghi’s EN660 yet.

DeLonghi EN660 Nespresso LattissimaThe IFD Milk System

What makes the EN660 unique, is its IFD milk system. This system allows you to make the best of cappuccinos and lattest. DeLonghi’s patented IFD milk system combines steam, air and milk to produce the most creamy and frothy milk I’ve ever seen. It also allows me to adjust the exact amounts to suit my personal wants and needs!

The images that I have placed in my review pretty much demonstrate the EN660’s milk froth capabilities. The pictures say more than a thousand words. And guess what… these drinks taste even better than they look!

The EN660 Nespresso maker also lets you adjust the cup tray height. You can place any sort of cup or glass in there that you want. Small ones, large ones and everything in between. A luxury I did not know I was missing out on with my previous coffee machine.

DeLonghi EN660 Nespresso LattissimaDeLonghi EN660 Nespresso Maker Review

I’ve had my EN660 Nespresso maker in use for almost two weeks now. And already we are completely inseparable. This machine makes me a good shot of espresso whenever I want it and it does it quickly too.

With many machines, you are going to have a really hard time cleaning the milk frother every time you use it. The EN660 has a push button system for automatically cleaning the milk frother. That’s great, because I know from doing all my research that milk frothers (and espresso machines in general) last a lot longer when you perform regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is a breeze because it’s automated.

Let’s see… what have I not mentioned yet? Oh yes, the water tank is 40 ounces (well above 1 liter), which I feel is more than enough for a single serve espresso machine. The drip tray is removable, which also helps a lot in making the cleansing of it easier.

The machine also feels very sturdy. I have the feeling it is a very durable machine. There is no doubt in my mind that DeLonghi’s EN660 will eventually pay back for itself.

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