Coffee Skin Benefits

What we know about coffee is just very little. I am sure all of us know about its awakening effect. The kick that coffee gives on us is usually the reason why it is the most loved beverage among all. However, there are still very many other benefits of coffee that people don’t know. Among these advantages is the effect coffee has on our skin. Yes, coffee can be used for skin treatment. Below are some of the skin problems that coffee can solve.

Dark Circles

fight dark circles with coffee

fight dark circles with coffee!

People who always have insomnia attack or have been experiencing stress and fatigue most of the time are prone to having dark circles around the eyes. This does not make you look good at all. If you have tried every solution that you already know to no great result until now then I suggest that you try applying coffee on your eye circles. Although only temporary, coffee has a great effect on minimizing those darkness and inflammation.


Ladies are not the only ones who dread cellulite. There are a lot of men out there that also hate having these little skin enemies. The usual ingredient that skin creams for cellulite has is coffee. Constant usage of such cream can reduce cellulite to almost 20 percent and the greatest benefit that you can get from it is a reduction in hip size. If you can’t afford these creams (I am sure they are very costly), then make your own by combining coffee to your daily body lotion or cream. You can certainly make use of those extra coffee grounds in your shelves.

Dry Skin

coffee as an exfoliant

coffee as an exfoliant!

Coffee can also be used to rejuvenate your skin. It is the one of the most perfect and effective natural exfoliant in the planet. Mix an adequate amount of coffee to milk or egg white just so you can create a paste. Apply this mixture to your face for 15 minutes and see what results it can have on your face. As you rinse it off, give your face an extra massage. Your face can be baby soft once again. You can save a lot of money from commercial masks with this mixture. Plus, you are not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals at all.


Aspirin is a very common household product that can be used as an immediate aide for skin inflammation. But did you know that coffee has just as much similar effect aspirin has on inflamed skin? Coffee dilates veins thereby increasing blood circulation which decreases puffiness and inflammation. Your skin then will be left tight, toned and much firmer. The next time you notice some puffiness in your skin, go ahead and give yourself a coffee break.

Skin Toxins

The next most known benefit that we can get from coffee other than the fact that it is a stimulant is coffee being an antioxidant. There are so many body toxins that we have to eliminate from our bodies because they are the ones that speed up the aging process which usually gets visible immediately on our skin. Free radicals, which are products of a chemical process in our bodies, are among these toxins that we need to get rid off. These elements when allowed to accumulate in our body overtime can cause skin damage. It is known by researchers that coffee has a great effect in removing them away from us thereby leaving us with healthier and younger looking skin.

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