Coffee Helps You Workout Better

The main ingredient in coffee, tea and some sodas is caffeine. This is the substance that is responsible for the energizing effect that such beverages give to us when we take them. This effect, however, is not true to all people. There are those who complain about the tremor attacks and nervousness that they feel when they drink anything with caffeine in it.

If you are among the people who get the positive kick of coffee, then better take coffee before you go to the gym. It will surely be of great help in energizing you and motivating you to stay longer in your workout sessions. Be wary though because caffeine has this diuretic effect which means that you might be urinating all the time. To compensate, drink lots of fluids.

Coffee Effects

Before you sip coffee from your cup, make sure that you know its side effects. Other than diuresis, coffee can cause an increase peristalsis which means that you might suffer bowel problems if you are not used to drinking it. Make sure that you have not eaten too much prior to going to the gym or else you will be increasing your risk for an embarrassment.

While coffee increases alertness, there are those who experience the opposite of this – they rather become irritable and have lack of concentration. Those who love drinking coffee and have nervous conditions should be extra careful with this because they are usually the kind of people who overdose their coffee intake.

Activates Your Mind and Body

Coffee increases your heart rate thereby increasing the amount of blood flow to the different tissues and organs of the body. Because of this, oxygen and nutrients are better delivered to the body cells making you more alert and awake. This is the reason why you experience a different high with coffee. It is also the same reason why people with heart conditions should contact their physicians first before coffee intake.

There is also a belief that coffee decreases the intake of energy by the muscles and increases the flow of adrenaline which makes it a good stimulant. Whenever you feel stressed, fatigued and tired, better drink a cup of Joe.

Decreases Weight

coffee for weight loss

burn those fats with coffee!

Whenever we exercise, our body muscles make use of glycogen for energy. A by-product of this chemical process is lactic acid. Lactic acid is the one that makes us feel pain while we workout and this is the main culprit why we tend to stop exercising because we already are feeling uncomfortable. What coffee does is make the muscles of the body utilize fat rather than glycogen for energy. As a result, lesser lactic acid is produced and thereby lesser pain. Lesser pain means longer workout periods and furthermore a greater amount of fats burned. This is the reason why you can lose weight more when you drink coffee.

Apart from the above effect, coffee also increases the release of endorphins which is a hormone in the body known to increase pleasure. Not only do we feel more energized while we exercise but we also feel good about it.

However, coffee is not all good. There is only a specific amount by which coffee can bring about positive effects. If you drink more than the advised amount, you feel the opposite – the adverse effect. So the next time you drink coffee, make sure that you have been cautious enough with the amount you are taking in. For better effect, the advised amount is just two to three cups (8 oz.) of coffee an hour before a workout and this is also the recommended amount of daily intake of coffee.

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