Choose Your Coffee Mug Carefully

What coffee drinkers are concerned most about is the coffee in the mug and not the mug itself. Of course, they can never be wrong. If we think about it more closely, coffee inside is what matters because it is what we take inside our bodies. But if we come to further observe the extraneous factors, coffee mugs also contribute to how the taste of your coffee will be.

Use Porcelain Mugs

colourful coffee mugs!

Using porcelain mugs is a perfect move if you drink coffee all the time. The great thing about porcelain mugs is that they are not porous so their capacity to retain the temperature of your brewed coffee longer is even higher. We all know that hot brewed coffee always tastes far more superior to room temperature coffee. The reason for this is because it is the temperature of coffee that its flavour is enhanced. What is more is that these mugs are reusable so you can be environmentally friendly at the same time.

Forget the Styrofoam, Plastic and Paper Cups

Most of the commercial coffees are served through these things but many studies have shown that these materials are not strong enough to withstand the heat. What this means is that they can melt with the heat of your coffee and can even mix some toxic ingredients to your coffee that might be bad for your health. Another negative thing about using plastics, paper or Styrofoam is that they can never keep the temperature longer than you want it to be and they are not reusable.

Clean Your Coffee Mug Regularly

What can destroy the flavour of your coffee are the long standing coffee rings that were not cleansed to perfection after your first cup of coffee. These coffee rings are made of coffee oils that when a second cup of coffee is placed will destroy the flavour of your next coffee. The next time you pour your next brew to your coffee mug, make sure that it is very clean and that there are no coffee stains in it so that your coffee can be as perfect as it should be.

Use Portable Stainless Coffee Mugs

Just like porcelain mugs, mugs made of stainless steel can also retain the temperature of coffee longer than other mugs because steel is not a porous material. Also, steel don’t melt with heat so you will never have a problem if ever drinking melted steel mixed with your coffee.

Based on the suggestions above, now you see that the material you use for coffee mugs should be well chosen so that your cups of coffee will be kept superior as ever.

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