Characteristics of a Perfect Coffee Bean

a cup of coffee beans!

Have you ever drunk a cup of coffee that gave you no satisfaction? Most of the coffee lovers don’t drink coffee because they need some perking up. They drink coffee to satisfy themselves of their cravings. It is then important that the coffee they drink tastes good all the time. Sometimes even the best coffee shops are unable to offer them these great cups of coffee. As a result they end up brewing their own cup of coffee. Are you the person who wants to brew your own cup of coffee? If so, you should learn to choose your coffee beans perfectly because the taste of coffee relies so much on them.

There are basically four characteristics that a professional barista looks into a coffee bean. These are acidity, body, aroma and flavour. It is important that you also know each of these characteristics so that you will be able to produce great cups of coffee at home all the time.

What does acidity mean?

Acidity in coffee describes the coffee’s taste. Without acidity, the coffee can taste flat yet with it the coffee tastes superior and pleasant. It can either be classified as metallic or fruity.

What does body mean?

The body of the coffee describes how the coffee feels in your mouth. There are two types of body in coffee and these are the full-bodied coffee and medium-bodied coffee. The full-bodied coffee feels thick and rich as you try to slide your tongue on the roof of your mouth in attempts of tasting the coffee. On the other hand, a medium-bodied coffee just feels light in the mouth.

If you want to use milk to your coffee, it is best if you use the full-bodied coffee so that you can still feel and taste the coffee. Milk in medium-bodied coffee alters the taste of coffee.

What does aroma mean?

smell your coffee!

The roasting of the coffee beans results in the extraction of essential oils from the coffee beans that produce the coffee’s aroma. You already know that what makes coffee more satisfying is the aroma that comes with its taste. Without aroma, coffee can be good as any other type of beverage.

What does flavour mean?

Flavour of coffee is the sum effect of all the three characteristics of coffee beans that were mentioned. Flavour of coffee can be described as spicy, watery, nutty, classy, etc. These are further grouped according to positive flavours or negative flavours.

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