Benefits Of Caffeinated Coffee

For many of us, coffee is a dangerous beverage. Many believe that it has a lot of harmful effects to our bodies. Caffeine in coffee is believed to be a substance that can contribute to stunted growth. It is also caffeine which is blamed for the many cases of heart diseases as of this time. This is the reason why most of the coffee being sold as of this time is decaffeinated. It is hard for one to find coffee which is pumped up with caffeine. However, there has been a terrible mistake. It has been recently proven that all these things about caffeinated coffee are misconceptions. There are actually more benefits that we can get from it than the drawbacks.

Coffee and Heart Disease

coffee means happy heart!

coffee means happy heart!

Coffee was believed to be the main cause of heart disease during the studies made earlier. The reason for such a generalization is because those who drink coffee before tend to end up having heart diseases. What was not known to many is that coffee was not the culprit. It was in fact the lifestyle of the person drinking coffee that contributed to the development of his or her heart condition. What is noticeable among coffee drinkers before and now is that they smoke while they drink coffee. It is smoking that led to heart diseases among those people before and not coffee. What you even need to know about coffee is that it can decrease your risk of acquiring common disease conditions such as diabetes and liver disease because of its antioxidant property.

Coffee Aids Weight Loss

The common ingredient in most weight loss supplements is caffeine. Coffee makes the body convert fat into energy. When taken 30 minutes before an exercise, fatty acids in the body are burned 30 per cent more than the usual for energy. As fats are utilized, stores of sugar and amino acids are retained. This means that sugar levels in the body remain above the average. It is when the sugar hits below the average level that the person feels hunger. When sugar is high, hunger becomes negligible and the person tends to eat less. Meanwhile, higher sugar concentration also is the reason for an increase in concentration and alertness.

Moderate Coffee Drinking Is Healthy

Why coffee is connoted with danger is because most of those people who drink it tend to go beyond what is the recommended daily intake of the beverage. As a result, instead of experiencing all of the positive effects of the beverage, they will experience its negative consequences. It is very important that when you drink coffee, you be mindful of the amount you consume because when you go beyond the advised dose, you experience unwanted consequences such as irritability and nervousness.

Coffee is also a diuretic. Too much coffee means frequent urination. Frequent urination further means loss of body water. Too much loss of body water means dehydration. Many of those who tend to drink coffee beyond the normal amount advised always experience the earliest signs of dehydration. You must take this information seriously because dehydration is not a joke. It can even cause heart failure in severe cases.

So How Much Coffee Means Bad Coffee?

now this is too much coffee!

now this is too much coffee!

The recommended amount varies from one person to another but according to studies people should never go beyond two to three cups of coffee per day. You must also learn that when you reach 7 cups of coffee per day in consumption, you will already experience the drawbacks of coffee.

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