Be Environment-Wise and Coffee-Wise At the Same Time

Many of us drink coffee without thinking of the consequence of our actions especially directly to its effect on our environment. We are so excited about getting to experience the rush, the high and the alertness that coffee can bring to our bodies. That is the reason why many of us drink coffee almost every single day. If you are a certified “coffee-holic”, then might as well do ways by which you can be eco-friendly as well as you drink coffee. I tell you it not the hardest ways to follow. You can still enjoy your own cup of coffee just as you enjoyed it when you were not thinking of your environment.

Save On Everything

save water!

If you like brewing your own cup of coffee then think about limiting your use on everything, literally. Just brew enough amounts which you can consume. Add coffee grounds that can create a single cup or two cups of coffee for you. The water that you use for the brewing process should be adequate so as not to waste too much water. Too much water on the brewer would mean too much time taken to heating it up. Not only time is wasted but so is the energy that is needed to make that water reach to a suitable temperature enough to create a good brew. This is the very reason why it is very important that you be mindful of the amount of the ingredients that you use while you are brewing your own cup of coffee.

Be Clean-Wise!

use vinegar to clean your coffee machine!

Next that you have to consider is the aftercare. It is important that you clean your brewer so that the next time you brew your coffee, you will still be able to create a superior cup. Cleaning your coffee maker can be a hassle because it is difficult to remove the coffee stains on your machine. Instead of using running water, which is very wasteful, to loosen up those coffee stains, have vinegar mixed with hot water sit on your coffee maker for awhile. This will easily loosen up those stains without you making use of too much water.

Lastly, serve your brewed coffee on a mug which is reusable. Porcelain mugs are the best choice because they have the ability to retain the warmth of your brewed coffee longer and also because you can easily wash them and use them again! Think about these porcelain mugs every time you catch yourself pouring your brewed coffee to your paper cups or your Styrofoam glasses.

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